Middle School & High School
180 Youth Group

Middle School & High School
180 Youth Group

Sunday 5:00-7:00pm

180 Youth Group provides a unique opportunity for middle & high school students to connect with their peers as they study and apply Scripture. Throughout our time together, we will learn how to serve, grow in community, mature in their understanding of the Bible, and foster a deeper relationship with Jesus.

What to Expect

Connect Through Serving

God has gifted students with unique gifts, abilities, and talents, and we want to enable students to discover their areas of strength and potential within a ministry context. Each Sunday begins with serving as students and leaders work together in preparation for Sunday's church gathering.

Students also have the opportunity to serve in other areas of church ministry, in their communities, and on mission trips to the Dominican Republic.

Connect with Each Other

Building relationships with other students and adult group leaders is a key component of community. Student Community Group provides a sense of belonging as we set aside time for connecting through games, snacks, conversations, and activities.

This belonging is deepened as students spend time together during the week through shared meals and game nights.

Connect with God's Word

We believe that God has spoken and revealed Himself directly through the Bible. This time of connecting with His Word will teach students how to engage Scripture, see Jesus throughout all of Scripture, and to glean truths and principles from its pages.

Each week, students are asked to read a specific passage and answer study questions to prepare for a lesson taught by one of the adult group leaders.

Connect as Groups

Students will separate into smaller groups according to age and gender to provide time for application of the biblical truths they have studied and learned that week. Led by the group leaders, this time allows space for vulnerability, application, and accountability.

This small-group time includes heart-level application questions, discussion, gospel-centered encouragement, and prayer.

Contact Us

Students are invited every Sunday Night from 5-7pm, but if it's your first time coming to 180 let us know!