Crossing The Finish Line

Priority List:

1. Roof
The roof and decking underneath much of the roof needs either major repairs or complete replacement. The total cost is $200k. Our savings account is covering half of this project. We are asking the Lord to provide the funds to cover the rest.
2. ADA Restrooms
There are currently no ADA compliant restrooms in the building. We need to change that! Once these funds are raised, there will be new partitions installed to accommodate children and adults who need space for wheelchair mobility.
3. Entrance & Kitchen Door
The entrance door to the church as well as the door to the kitchen are both in need of replacement due to extensive rust and hinge issues. Replacing them is necessary for security and functionality issues.
4. Shed & Equipment
We will need to purchase a new shed to house equipment like a riding lawnmower, snow blower, shovels, trimmer, and other tools needed to care for the property during all four seasons of the year.
5. Living Room Updates
The Living Room is the hub for all regular hospitality and special events. To make this room more effective, there needs to be new sinks, a garbage disposal, and countertops installed.
6. Worship Flooring
We have plans to install a new subfloor and carpet in the Worship Center to remove the squeaking noises and make the room feel more welcoming. This cost includes tearing out the current sub-floor, installing a new sub-floor, and installing carpet. (See below!)
7. Office Flooring
The carpet in the office space is decades old and is in need of replacement. It is currently not very inviting. Meetings and counseling take place in the office area all the time. Often, there are guests and church newcomers who meet with staff in the offices.
8. Fence
The fence in our yard is decades old and is in need of replacement. This cost covers the removal and disposal of the current fence along with the installation of a new fence for the children & teenagers to play in the Spring, Summer, and Fall!
9. Paint
A large percentage of the building has been painted (interior and exterior). Over the course of 2024, we would like to paint the remaining hallway and classrooms located on the 5th floor.
10. Hall & Worship Door
Both the door in the entry hallway along with the double door near the Worship Center are disintegrating due to extensive rust. They are original doorways that will provide additional safety and security once they are replaced.