Worshippers at Advance Community Church are involved at various levels in the mission of the church. Wherever you are right now, whether it's attending regularly or growing in full commitment to the life and ministry of our church, it's exactly by God's design and we are grateful for you!

We invite you to move beyond regular attendance toward belonging. This is best achieved through being involved in Christ's church. His church is worth our time and energy and it's how His people minister to one another, to the world, and to God Himself. 

So wherever you are, ask Jesus how you can take one step forward in involvement in His work through this church.

BELOW: Attend, Get Informed, Get Involved, Get Connected, Commit


If you’ve occasionally come to worship with us on Sundays, we’d like for you to become a more regular part of our worship community. We want to help you grow in your desire to worship Jesus and explore a life that makes much of Him.

We gather every Sunday at 5pm!

Get Informed

We communicate important information through our weekly email newsletter, Advance News. This is an easy way  to stay in the loop of what is happening at Advance. If you're not already receiving the weekly email, we encourage you to stay connected and sign up today!

Get Involved

If you regularly attend on Sundays at Advance Community Church, we encourage you to get involved beyond the worship service. A good first step in this direction is to join the community who serves the church. Become a contributing part of the team that supports the functions of the church as a whole.

Learn HOW God gifted and equipped you to serve! Learn about the S.H.A.P.E. Assessment and take it today.

Advance Kids: Learn More or Volunteer

Hospitality: Volunteer

Music & Creative: Learn More or Volunteer

Get Connected

If you already serve on Sundays or during the week, it’s time to take a step toward committing to the body of Christ at Advance Community Church. This means committing to obey the gospel in a smaller group of believers and recognizing the need to be trained as you serve.


Community groups are the primary way to connect with others at Advance Community Church and pursue life on mission together. Our primary strategy for demonstrating and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ is through community groups.



To be prepared to care for others and to be effective as a gospel minister, we must devote to growing in our knowledge, faith, and practice. Every 6 weeks Advance Community Church offers a new Institute Course, each intended to develop a proper view of God, a fuller heart for the gospel, and the ability to apply both of those things practically in life through mission.

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If you’ve been engaged in a community group and investing in your own development, growing in your involvement may simply be living out these practices with greater purpose and intentionality. It means living the lifestyle of a missionary and acting like an owner of the mission that God has given us. This means becoming a partner in the identity and purpose of God’s church at Advance Community Church.

In partnership, we recognize our common identity in Christ, acknowledge the values that are based on that identity, and help one another live out the practices consistent with this identity and values. Our partners are the ones whom our church is accountable for leading, and who in return are accountable to their leaders for growing and participating in the mission of God. Our partners are the ones we count on when it counts.